Renting Homes Wales Act 2016 - Abandonment




From 15 July 2022*, the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 will make it easier for landlords to repossess abandoned properties, without needing a court order.

If you believe a contract-holder has abandoned a property or is not living in it as their primary residence, read below on how you will be able to recover possession of the property.



The landlord must first give notice to the contract-holder to state that they believe the property has been abandoned



The contract-holder must inform the landlord, in writing, within four weeks if they have not abandoned the property



During this four-week period the landlord must make necessary enquiries to be satisfied that the property has been abandoned



At the end of the four-week period the landlord can issue a further notice to state that the occupation contract has ended



There are rules for the landlord to follow for the disposal of any personal property left by the contract-holder


The contract-holder can appeal to the court within six months of the notice being issued if, for example, they did not abandon the property and had good reason not to respond to the notice.


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